In the German language a game is defined as an activity of pleasure without conscious purpose. In this definition every activity that brings pleasure is described as a game. Online games are a structured form of play on the internet that engages the mind with the aim of achieving a certain goal. Good online gaming improves social skills and communication with the other opponent, increases multitasking and problem-solving skills.

On the other hand, you need to be aware of certain inconveniences. In online games, people most especially children are exposed to downloading spams, viruses and the dangers of meeting with cheats who try to abuse and harasses them.

Where to Play?

There are many devices in which gamers can play online. For example, on their smartphones and tablets. Online games can be played on some boxed games like PlayStation and Xbox, and they can be even downloaded. Some common outlets where games can be played online include:

• Mobile app games

These can be free or may attract some cost. They are also downloadable through apps like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, where one only has to search for the type of games, for example the casino games like the slot and roulette. Additional features may be associated that attract extra costs but this can be deactivated either via settings on the device or via setting on the account used.

• Virtual Reality Games

These types of games create the environment that makes the player feel like they are in the game. Other common devices that enable online games include consoles, PC games, Web games amongst others.

Why are Online Games so entertaining?

Availability and Cost

\ Most successfully online gaming companies are making a great deal of profit because of the availability of the games at any time of the day with worldwide players. At very low cost and even sometimes free, online games can be played. Some of them that attract extra cost make provision for free trials. Traditional venues for playing poker like poker houses and casinos have introduced online poker which is cheaper with the addition of tables which would normally take up valuable space being eliminated.

Graphics and Sound Effect

The excellent graphics and sound effect that come with online games which improves with the use of new technology make playing online games even more fun.


In a situation where it becomes difficult to find a competent player or tougher challenge, when playing online games, you can easily source for worthy opponents to challenge and sharpen your abilities.

Risk of Online Gaming

Safety on the internet is applicable to all devices and especially while playing games online. One has to be careful of the risk of:

Content: due to the sophisticated nature of the internet, inappropriate material is readily available especially for children who have access. Some online games may contain violent or sexual content or scenes that invoke fear and horror.

Contact: the online gaming world is large. There, players stand a high chance of making contact with individual with different personalities and beliefs. They are vulnerable to bullies and hearing offensive language from other players. Players can single out others and make their gaming experience less enjoyable.

Other risks: online gamblers are prone to the risk of people gaining access to their online account, identity theft with the use of viruses or spyware, getting addicted because of the easy accessibility, visiting fraudulent and fake websites. Other risks with online casino is that, other countries prohibit it, but those who allow it, are usually not well regulated. This makes it difficult to understand who actually runs the business, whether the opportunities stated are truly accurate or if legal actions can be taken if players are misled by money.


A game is only a game when the outcome does not affect reality. The player may take their emotions into reality, in this case, the game is reality. For instance, professional sports like Baseball or Soccer and in a game of chance like roulette or black-jack. With the reality games, the idea of freedom is lost, you play the game from commitment and the results directly affect reality.

Games are fun and entertaining. Players can only turn their emotions into reality from the game world. If you cross the small boundary between the real word and the game, it turns out that during the game one can relax and escape from the real world to return calmly and happily.